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We are a Different Kind of Marketing Agency

Since starting in 2005, WideNet has grown to over 450 clients, we've received numerous local awards for small business excellence, and we've had clients receive national awards for their websites. We've been able to accomplish this because of the exceptional team of web, print, and mobile experts that work here everyday. Our team members bring their own unique talents and energy to every project, resulting in a creative and effective web presence that you'll only get here! 

Traditional marketing's effectiveness has been greatly diminished, the prices haven't adjusted accordingly, and you get a lower return on your investment with each passing year. People want to get to know you on their own before making the call. They want to ask others for recommendations or see that people they trust "like" you already. WideNet can help you achieve a new level of marketing effectiveness by utilizing relevant digital marketing strategies to build your web presence - a presence where your customers get to know your brand, your employees, and what you stand for. Then they become a fan of the real you!

Your Entire Web Presence

Back in 2005, it was enough to only have a website, and we were excited to bring a great product and great designs to our clients. Those days are gone and companies now need to manage a variety of web assets to be effective online. Social media, search engines, maps, directories, business profiles, review sites, and the mobile web are all integral and to stand out, you need to be everywhere with a consistent message and brand. WideNet can optimize your entire web presence by creating a look and feel that can be used effectively across the Internet and a message that is consistent wherever you are found.

Home Team Advantage!

Your website is your home on the web, the place to which all of your online, and in many cases offline, marketing efforts need to lead. After reaching your website, people should be presented not only with effective, beautiful marketing, but action items that provide little to no barrier for them to find or contact you. This idea is at the core of our strategy and why our considerable experience as a website design company provides such value to a comprehensive digital marketing strategy. We accomplish this through a complete web presence effort accompanied by our expertise at building search engine optimized websites. Your customers will find you wherever they are, they'll click through to your website, and they'll like what they see!

Why WideNet?

We know what we're great at, and we know what we aren't! We have always had a consultant / "hand holding" relationship with our clients because we know what it's like to jump into something you're not an expert at. Especially something that can be so technical and time consuming. That's why we pay for good accountants! We also understand that your brother's friend knows a guy who's cousin can make a website, or that certain sites will give you a website for free with a small purchase. If that works for you, then that's great! We're all for saving money and helping our clients. However, if the moment arrives when you realize you don't have the time to maintain a web presence, or the expertise to create a presence that beautifully and concisely represents who you are and what you value at the core...

We would absolutely love for you to get back to what you do best, and let us do what we do best!